Monday, November 25, 2013

The Benefits of Mobile Shelving

The purpose of cabinets and drawers is not just to store items or files in an organized way but also to make sure that they don't eat up a lot of space in an office or facility. However, because the items for storage increase exponentially in some businesses, these cabinets and drawers become insufficient in meeting their requirements. Fortunately, items can now be stored in wheeled cabinets and racks.

Mobile shelving is the solution to clutter issues that managers of museums, libraries, and other institutions are often forced to deal with. Those who manage a library can attest to the usefulness of mobile shelving to maximize space. During certain periods when some sections of the library aren't visited by many, the shelves can be set aside to increase the space in high-traffic areas; this feature also makes it easier for visitors to find the books they need.

To meet the demands for space in a room during an important meeting or conference, mobile shelves can be easily transferred to another. It requires just a few people to push them to where they need to go. In fact, because they are equipped with wheels, even one person can easily do the job.

In addition, since libraries and museum often have exquisite wood or marble flooring, mobile shelves can be moved around without the risk of causing scratches to the flooring, which can be costly to fix. Mobile shelving is definitely a good alternative to conventional cabinets.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Shelves

While stainless steel is primarily used in kitchen appliances, it can also be used for standard storage applications. There’s a lot of reason to do so; this material is very durable unlike other shelving materials like wood or plastic, and the most unfortunate thing that could happen to it is to incur minor bumps and dents. Its strength also allows it to carry heavy items with relative ease; other materials tend to bend and buckle under overwhelming weight.

Some manufacturers install locking mechanisms on the shelves, and this is particularly common with stainless steel cabinet manufacturers. The material's durability ensures that the cabinets are difficult for thieves to pry open. Similarly, this also ensures that the goods stored inside are relatively safe from household pests like rats and ants (provided that the shelves are maintained properly).

Stainless steel shelves are also relatively easy to maintain since they don’t absorb liquids like oils, paints, and thinners, which means that they are unlikely to emit an unpleasant odor. In case of a spill, the liquid can simply be wiped, and the surface can be washed with liquid soap or detergent in case the liquid left a sticky residue. The stainless steel's non-absorbent surface also prevents harmful germs and microbes from settling in, which is definitely useful when storing perishable items like food and medicine.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Invest on a High Quality Stainless Steel Shelving for your kitchen

If you want to take advantage of this material, use heavy-duty stainless steel shelving for your restaurant. Besides the aforementioned benefits, steel can likewise project a timeless appeal to the space. That way, there won't be a need to spend for upgrades sooner that you can comfortably afford. You can discuss your requirements for industrial shelving in Los Angeles with companies like Olpin Group which service the area. Compare the solutions offered to you before you make a decision. It's better to consult with your designer so that matters a non-technical person like you might disregard will be taken into careful consideration.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Mobile Shelving Supplier to Offer New Bed Lift Product from Vidir

A provider of office filing and storage solutions, Olpin Group helps a wide range of clients store their important items or equipment in an organized way. Olpin Group offers various products like lockers, file shelves, and modular cabinetry for hospital, legal/research, and museum storage. By adding Vidir’s Bed Lift to their offerings, the company meets another market need. Clients can expect further updates from Olpin Group once the Bed Lift has been rolled out. Interested parties can visit www.OlpinGroup.com to learn more about the company and their other offerings.