Thursday, October 31, 2013

Which Mobile Shelving System Should You Choose For Your Office?

Mobile shelving is a shelf storage system that keeps items and paperwork in a systematic and organized manner. Unlike traditional storage system, it is built with wheeled traction system that enables it to be moved from place to place. This feature helps maximize storage space especially in small or constricted spaces. The most common types of mobile shelving system include rotary file, lateral sliding, and high density system. Rotary file mobile shelving system is often use in business offices. It has customized top work spaces that can double as workstations. It also has two cabinets that spin and allow easy access to stored files or items. Additionally, it comes in different sizes and colors, which can be used to color-code certain set of files.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stainless Steel Shelving: Addressing Accumulating Files and Backlog

With the stack of files and folders piling up and digitizing of these data not yet in effect, the VA should organize and maintain their storage system. Reorganizing the files in stainless steel shelving would keep files orderly and allow employees to work smoothly without deterrents like misplaced folders. Since they are dealing with a backlog, they can employ storage system companies like the Olpin Group to execute the filing transition, as they also offer designing and planning services. The main idea for coming up with a new plan and organizing the files is to implement a smooth and efficient operational flow in the workplace. This means saving time and effort in looking for a specific folder. Some companies even offer suggestions on what system or tools to employ that will not only speed up the processing time but help in maintaining the organization of the files, as well.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mobile Shelving Offers Flexibility and Versatility

What individuals and businesses need today in terms of storage space is different from what they demanded in the past. Raw materials, documents, and finished products are just some of the items that need to be on hand at all times. Thankfully, there are several storage solutions that can be utilized to address different needs.

A mobile shelving system enables flexibility and extra space. This is not only beneficial for those with limited space. Even the ones who have more than enough space can take advantage of the benefits that a mobile shelving system brings. Regardless of the purpose, individuals can make the most of the extra space however they want.

In terms of flexibility, a mobile shelving system allows you to maximize the use of a particular space. You don’t have to allot aisles like with traditional shelving since the shelves are movable. Furthermore, it can likewise accommodate a large volume of items.

As for versatility, this type of storage solution allows the remaining space to serve another purpose since it is possible to confine the storage area in just one portion of the room. You can use it as a reading area, an examining area, or for whatever purpose your items require. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reasons to Switch to Stainless Steel Shelves

Although wooden shelves give out a classic and traditional look that is hard to beat, these shelves are harder to maintain compared to stainless steel ones. Wooden shelves always look sophisticated especially when they're filled with different kinds of books. They make a room seem a lot classier, but aren't necessarily built to be durable and long lasting.

Strong wooden shelves are usually made of hard wood, which could get really expensive. So, those looking for something that is low maintenance and long lasting turn to stainless steel instead.

Stainless steel shelves have a lot of different advantages. First off, these are highly durable. Although hard strikes on the surface could dent them, breaking them would be harder than breaking wood. Wood could also chip and crack through time, but stainless steel wouldn't.

Another disadvantage with wooden shelves is keeping its au naturel look. Wood often looks best when it’s showing its true colors, but time could wear this out and make it look dull. Although painting on it is easy, it's not going to be the same. Stainless steel, on the other hand, can come in different colors, and when faded or chipped off, can be easily given a new coat of paint.

Assembly is also an issue as most wooden shelves need to be put together before it arrives at your home or office. Stainless steel, however, can be taken apart and reassembled once it gets into the room where you'll be putting it in.