Friday, December 27, 2013

Tips for Organizing Your Stock Room

As you might already be aware of, one of the key elements to a successful business is organization, be it in planning out your goals, or in the actual arrangement of your physical space. Whether you are a retailer with a small shop, or a wholesaler with a large warehouse, setting up your stockroom properly is essential.


It isn’t really efficient nor practical business to have your employees waste their minutes scouring through shelves to return the items they have used. Instead, set up organized and labeled bins in accessible locations around your stock room. Toss documents, records or tools in their appropriate bin to be organized only near the end of the working day.


You can maximize the storage capacity of your stock room without sacrificing organization by having shelves set up. If you have a lack of space, opt for mobile shelving; this system is more or less sills on wheels, so you can merge the shelves together to save space every time you need to.


Businesses with limited space might find it useful to have their employees store their belongings in the stock room. Nevertheless, you should make sure that their personal belongings won’t get mixed up with the merchandise stored in there. To avoid such confusion, you could opt to set up lockers or cubbies in the room for employees to use.

How an Organized Workspace Helps Your Productivity

It is easy to get lost with your deadlines as you try to get through another business day, and a disorganized office sure doesn't help your cause. For some, a good working space is a key consideration when looking for a job, while others make the most out of the workspace they are given.
You spend most of your day in your work station, so you should be comfortable in it. If you feel like your disorganized workspace is getting the best of you, there are several things that you can do to make your space more conducive to productivity.
  • Make room to move. You need to be able to move freely. A cluttered workspace leads to cluttered thinking. Keep all unnecessary paperwork and other objects out of sight.
  • Set up a “landing strip”. Make sure that you have easy access to the things you need when you come and go, be it paperwork that needs to be attended to, or your personal belongings.
  • Keep important items within reach. Be mindful of the things you store. Frequently-used items in the office should be placed within reach as much as possible, and compartmentalized in assigned storage stations like easy-to-maintain stainless steel shelves. This will help reduce the amount of time searching for important items.

Always remember that the most effective tweaks you can do to your workspace will largely depend on how you work and what you need to function well.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stainless Steel Shelving Storage Are Ideal for Medical Services

"Stainless steel makes for an excellent medical or lab storage material because it has a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb liquids and thus prevents potentially harmful microbes from thriving. This property makes it ideal for storing chemicals and prescription medicine. It also has high resistance to fire and extreme heat. Stainless steel is also relatively easy to work with, which means that boltless shelving for Los Angeles medical facilities can be fabricated fairly quickly to suit the needs and preferences of an establishment While cloud-based storage may be the trend of the future, medical facilities still have to rely on paper documents for confidential patient information, and an effective shelving and storage system is needed to keep the documents secure and intact for as long as they are needed. Security is not the only issue that needs to be addressed in storage systems for medical facilities. Sanitation and effectiveness are also important, and a good storage system


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Benefits of Mobile Shelving

The purpose of cabinets and drawers is not just to store items or files in an organized way but also to make sure that they don't eat up a lot of space in an office or facility. However, because the items for storage increase exponentially in some businesses, these cabinets and drawers become insufficient in meeting their requirements. Fortunately, items can now be stored in wheeled cabinets and racks.

Mobile shelving is the solution to clutter issues that managers of museums, libraries, and other institutions are often forced to deal with. Those who manage a library can attest to the usefulness of mobile shelving to maximize space. During certain periods when some sections of the library aren't visited by many, the shelves can be set aside to increase the space in high-traffic areas; this feature also makes it easier for visitors to find the books they need.

To meet the demands for space in a room during an important meeting or conference, mobile shelves can be easily transferred to another. It requires just a few people to push them to where they need to go. In fact, because they are equipped with wheels, even one person can easily do the job.

In addition, since libraries and museum often have exquisite wood or marble flooring, mobile shelves can be moved around without the risk of causing scratches to the flooring, which can be costly to fix. Mobile shelving is definitely a good alternative to conventional cabinets.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Shelves

While stainless steel is primarily used in kitchen appliances, it can also be used for standard storage applications. There’s a lot of reason to do so; this material is very durable unlike other shelving materials like wood or plastic, and the most unfortunate thing that could happen to it is to incur minor bumps and dents. Its strength also allows it to carry heavy items with relative ease; other materials tend to bend and buckle under overwhelming weight.

Some manufacturers install locking mechanisms on the shelves, and this is particularly common with stainless steel cabinet manufacturers. The material's durability ensures that the cabinets are difficult for thieves to pry open. Similarly, this also ensures that the goods stored inside are relatively safe from household pests like rats and ants (provided that the shelves are maintained properly).

Stainless steel shelves are also relatively easy to maintain since they don’t absorb liquids like oils, paints, and thinners, which means that they are unlikely to emit an unpleasant odor. In case of a spill, the liquid can simply be wiped, and the surface can be washed with liquid soap or detergent in case the liquid left a sticky residue. The stainless steel's non-absorbent surface also prevents harmful germs and microbes from settling in, which is definitely useful when storing perishable items like food and medicine.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Invest on a High Quality Stainless Steel Shelving for your kitchen

If you want to take advantage of this material, use heavy-duty stainless steel shelving for your restaurant. Besides the aforementioned benefits, steel can likewise project a timeless appeal to the space. That way, there won't be a need to spend for upgrades sooner that you can comfortably afford. You can discuss your requirements for industrial shelving in Los Angeles with companies like Olpin Group which service the area. Compare the solutions offered to you before you make a decision. It's better to consult with your designer so that matters a non-technical person like you might disregard will be taken into careful consideration.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Mobile Shelving Supplier to Offer New Bed Lift Product from Vidir

A provider of office filing and storage solutions, Olpin Group helps a wide range of clients store their important items or equipment in an organized way. Olpin Group offers various products like lockers, file shelves, and modular cabinetry for hospital, legal/research, and museum storage. By adding Vidir’s Bed Lift to their offerings, the company meets another market need. Clients can expect further updates from Olpin Group once the Bed Lift has been rolled out. Interested parties can visit www.OlpinGroup.com to learn more about the company and their other offerings.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Which Mobile Shelving System Should You Choose For Your Office?

Mobile shelving is a shelf storage system that keeps items and paperwork in a systematic and organized manner. Unlike traditional storage system, it is built with wheeled traction system that enables it to be moved from place to place. This feature helps maximize storage space especially in small or constricted spaces. The most common types of mobile shelving system include rotary file, lateral sliding, and high density system. Rotary file mobile shelving system is often use in business offices. It has customized top work spaces that can double as workstations. It also has two cabinets that spin and allow easy access to stored files or items. Additionally, it comes in different sizes and colors, which can be used to color-code certain set of files.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stainless Steel Shelving: Addressing Accumulating Files and Backlog

With the stack of files and folders piling up and digitizing of these data not yet in effect, the VA should organize and maintain their storage system. Reorganizing the files in stainless steel shelving would keep files orderly and allow employees to work smoothly without deterrents like misplaced folders. Since they are dealing with a backlog, they can employ storage system companies like the Olpin Group to execute the filing transition, as they also offer designing and planning services. The main idea for coming up with a new plan and organizing the files is to implement a smooth and efficient operational flow in the workplace. This means saving time and effort in looking for a specific folder. Some companies even offer suggestions on what system or tools to employ that will not only speed up the processing time but help in maintaining the organization of the files, as well.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mobile Shelving Offers Flexibility and Versatility

What individuals and businesses need today in terms of storage space is different from what they demanded in the past. Raw materials, documents, and finished products are just some of the items that need to be on hand at all times. Thankfully, there are several storage solutions that can be utilized to address different needs.

A mobile shelving system enables flexibility and extra space. This is not only beneficial for those with limited space. Even the ones who have more than enough space can take advantage of the benefits that a mobile shelving system brings. Regardless of the purpose, individuals can make the most of the extra space however they want.

In terms of flexibility, a mobile shelving system allows you to maximize the use of a particular space. You don’t have to allot aisles like with traditional shelving since the shelves are movable. Furthermore, it can likewise accommodate a large volume of items.

As for versatility, this type of storage solution allows the remaining space to serve another purpose since it is possible to confine the storage area in just one portion of the room. You can use it as a reading area, an examining area, or for whatever purpose your items require. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reasons to Switch to Stainless Steel Shelves

Although wooden shelves give out a classic and traditional look that is hard to beat, these shelves are harder to maintain compared to stainless steel ones. Wooden shelves always look sophisticated especially when they're filled with different kinds of books. They make a room seem a lot classier, but aren't necessarily built to be durable and long lasting.

Strong wooden shelves are usually made of hard wood, which could get really expensive. So, those looking for something that is low maintenance and long lasting turn to stainless steel instead.

Stainless steel shelves have a lot of different advantages. First off, these are highly durable. Although hard strikes on the surface could dent them, breaking them would be harder than breaking wood. Wood could also chip and crack through time, but stainless steel wouldn't.

Another disadvantage with wooden shelves is keeping its au naturel look. Wood often looks best when it’s showing its true colors, but time could wear this out and make it look dull. Although painting on it is easy, it's not going to be the same. Stainless steel, on the other hand, can come in different colors, and when faded or chipped off, can be easily given a new coat of paint.

Assembly is also an issue as most wooden shelves need to be put together before it arrives at your home or office. Stainless steel, however, can be taken apart and reassembled once it gets into the room where you'll be putting it in.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Advantages of Mobile Shelving

How you store or arrange your documents or business items has an impact on your productivity and efficiency. A disheveled storage room, office, or store often promotes confusion, discomfort, and even increases the likelihood of accidents. What you need are shelves where you can arrange your stuff according to your desired setup so that you can get anything right away when necessary. The question that remains is which of the different types of shelving should you use?

When it comes to efficiency, mobile shelving is the leader. Considering that they have wheels that allow them to be moved anywhere in a room, you can have a lot of arrangement options to conserve space. You can add or reduce the number of shelves you have or rearrange them now and then to break feelings of monotony. They are also popular for their flexibility and versatility in terms of the objects they can accommodate since their racks can be adjusted to suit big or small items.

Safety issues that come with movable features are remedied through built-in safety precautions, including effective brakes and other devices that are designed to minimize the risk of accidents. Overall, the advantages of mobile shelving overshadow other types in the market. 

Don't Just Stack Your Stuff on Shelves

Everyone accumulates a lot of items across many years, which is why there are a lot of furniture and storage solutions that are commercially available today. One of the most cost-efficient and convenient ways is to simply use shelves, which can be made from wood, plastic, or even stainless steel. They can be custom-made to store specific items like office supplies, food items, and books.

However, even the sturdiest shelves can still fall apart if the items placed on them are not arranged properly. The collective weight must be evenly distributed so that, for example, a pile of books won't cause a shelf to buckle and fall apart. This means that shelves shouldn’t be filled up from end to end, especially those made from light materials. Even ones made of steel may still encounter this problem if they're used to store heavy items such as sports gear.

Another thing that must be done is to make sure that your storage space looks presentable. This will make identifying items a lot easier and make the area more pleasing to the eye. In fact, the reason supermarkets and convenience stores are advised to consider shelf placement for their wares is that products that are “arranged neatly” tend to sell more than those that aren't.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mobile Shelves in a Small Video Company

Imagine running a modestly-sized video production company right in the comfort of your own home. Your crew shoots a variety of projects ranging from episodes of weekly documentary shows to special tutorial videos. One section of the house may be dedicated to editing facilities for example, but where do you even stash all those copies of your videos' master copies and scripts? When space is at a premium, that's where mobile shelving comes in.

If you are committed to using mobile shelves to archive your video materials, make sure to identify a room with ample floor area. A large section of this room will be used for the mobile shelves and their roller tracks. When considering how many shelves you need for the room, take a look at the expected load each can take and measure the dimensions of the chosen room space.

The frequency of use in the archival room will matter. If the preselected space has enough for, say, 15 shelf units jammed together, consider going for a dozen units. This will help free up space for a couple of aisles, especially when a certain number of people will pick up something in the archives. The room must be climate-controlled as well to preserve the material.

Setting up mobile shelves for your videos have potential for practicality when you need them. All it takes is a little foresight.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Recipe for Stainless Steel

Since its debut in the early 20th century, stainless steel has become the quintessential metal for a vast range of functions. It's basically steel with a form of protection, particularly from rusting. Stainless steel tools and storage, however, wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for trial and error. Before the 10.5 percent chromium requirement, scientists had to test different ratios to determine the best mix for this modern-age material.

Most initial batches of stainless steel failed because the scientists failed to understand one important thing. For stainless steel to retain its strength and rust resistance, it has to have a low carbon content, which wasn't considered until the late 1800s. French scientists J.B. Boussingalt and Alme Brustlein realized the importance of keeping the carbon content low, around 0.15 percent, allowing the steel to be shaped into different forms.

By the early 1900s, German scientists P. Monnartz and W. Borchers recognized the importance of adding chromium to the mix, at least 10.5 percent of it. They also tested the feasibility of other metals such as molybdenum in corrosion resistance, paving the way for different stainless steel compositions. Decades of trial and error helped develop stainless steel to what it is today. From shelves to structural frames, it has stood the test of time and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.