Friday, February 14, 2014

The Benefits of Mobile Shelving Units

Offices not only house employees and equipment, but the company’s important business files as well. While the world is fast becoming digital, it’s surprising how many offices still rely on paper to document contracts, memoranda and financial records, as evidenced by the racks of storage cabinets found in workplaces. 

Unfortunately, these very same cabinets occupy space that can be used more productively, such as for more cubicles. To maximize space, businesses in many sectors use mobile shelving units, which are essentially moveable filing cabinets mounted on a track. What sets them apart from other storage options? 

Space Efficient 

If you were to install free-standing shelves, you would also need aisles between them so you can retrieve the files. Mobile shelving stacks or nests against each other, and a turn of the crank separates each unit, thereby creating the access aisle between them. 

Suitable for Any Office Size 

Since mobile shelves are so space efficient, they can be installed in any office, big or small. What’s more, their simple design means that modifications need not be done to the room just to accommodate them. 


Mobile shelving units are modular in design, which means you can add as many shelves as you need with little hassle—something that proves useful as you accumulate more files over the years.

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