Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Advantages of Boltless Shelving

Knowledge is power. Fortunately, there are a lot of public and school libraries in Los Angeles that provide residents instant access to this power. However, since these institutions accumulate numerous books, magazines, and other publication materials by the day, it’s good for them to consider boltless shelving for their storage solutions. Here are the advantages they can expect:

Easy Construction

Those with limited construction skills don’t have to worry to set up boltless shelves. They wouldn’t even need complex construction tools to do the job right. The shelves are designed to fit into vertical struts (typically made of metal) where the beams and boards can easily fit into their assigned slots using basic tools. Some variations of boltless shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the growing number of reading materials.


Boltless shelves are highly durable storage options perfect for storing heavy items like volumes of encyclopedias and stacks of first edition classic literature. They are also able to withstand the typical wear-and-tear common in storage environments due to dust, dirt, and moisture exposure.


Boltless shelves come in closed back and open back styles. However, for libraries to give their patrons easy access to books, they can go for boltless shelves that are open on all sides. This will allow members and visitors to get books from the shelves for browsing. 

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