Monday, September 15, 2014

Advantages of Boltless Shelving

Growth is always a great thing for companies. After all, with expansion comes more clients, and, of course, greater revenues.
As an enterprise grows, though, so does their storage needs, not just in terms of filing space for company documents, but also room to load and stock product inventories. Fortunately, an affordable and effective solution comes in the form of boltless shelving. What are the advantages of using this storage option?

Modular in Nature
If you buy a filing cabinet now, there’s no assurance that it will still suit your storage needs a few years down the line. Boltless shelving systems, on the other hand, are modular in nature, so you can dismantle your current setup, add a few more bays, and voila—more storage space!

Boltless shelving can bear up to 1,000 pounds of weight, giving you a lot of room even for your heavier items. This is advantageous because you no longer have to buy two separate storage systems to accommodate different needs.

Maximize Space
Since boltless shelving are freestanding units, you can place items on both sides of a shelf. Contrast this with traditional shelving units that only have one side, severely limiting their storage capacity.

Given these benefits, be sure to consider boltless shelving systems when you upgrade your company’s storage solutions in response to growth.

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