Saturday, September 13, 2014

Museum Shelving: Preserving Relics for Their History and Sentiments

As in any other museum, the Saratoga’s artifacts need to be carefully preserved with the right storage and display practices. Any museum—land or ship-based—must have proper museum shelving that can keep relics well-protected from the elements, as well as from forces that could result in damages. Proper storage allows pieces of history to stay in good condition despite gradual wear-and-tear. To achieve this, not only does the museum storage facility need to have as little exposure to the elements as possible; the use of highly protective museum storage containers is also a must. Some of the things to guard museum products against are temperature fluctuations, humidity, damage, pests, and air pollution. Fortunately, seasoned providers like the Olpin Group have an array of storage solutions for the preservation of artifacts and articles.

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